Vertical Tank Welder

The Ogden vertical tank welder is self-contained portable unit designed for single-side welding of the vertical seams of oil, gas, and grain storage tanks in field conditions.

The welder is equipped with Gullco Kat microprocessor-controlled travel carriage/oscillator combination that provides an automated all-position, high range oscillation package with infinite range of weld patterns.

Welding head guides are attached to the tank using track magnets as well as Kat track for easy alignment.

Horizontal positioning drive provides for aligning each vertical seam.

The machine is equipped with Lincoln Electrics LN–25 wire feeder with Lincoln Electrics DC400 or DC600 power supplies. There is also removable welding gun for manual welding.

Operator works inside enclosed operator safety cage. Adjustable frame allows vertical welding on plates up to 10 feet (3.05m) high.

vertical seam welding